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With a market presence going back 60 years, Industrias Afrasa was founded in 1955 and can thus be regarded today as one of the Spanish phytosanitary product manufacturers with the greatest experience in the sector and a promising outlook for the future.








Jun 2020



Piem Advance Easy Freeport Ray Gallery Band Concepto Free

For the construction of a new corporate headquarters in its facilities, Industrias Afrasa, has counted on our Partner Oficines Mobiliari y Mampares in its interior design project, such as partition distribution, prescribed and furnished the Ofifran product for these facilities.

The new collection Piem & Advance are the main ranges used in the  decoration and furnishing in this project  at INDUSTRIAS AFRASA, both in operative workplaces, meeting rooms and management offices.

Open spaces that enhance collaboration and a new way of working that adapts to current needs.

Everything in the new headquarters seeks to promote the well-being of the employees for instance the dining room with the stackable Easy chair that offers a long useful life thanks to the polypropylene with fiberglass.

This project also includes an area to rest with our Piem Modular sofa that invites you to sit and share.

For the reception, Freeport counter and Gallery waiting sofas were chosen, providing to the entrance a timeless touch.

Galley and Ray models were chosen to furnish the General Manager office.

At the boardroom table, a Tailor Made meeting Ofifran solution with Band chair were used to provide a contemporary touch to the environment.

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