From Ofifran we are committed to a sustainable environment, and for this reason, we support our manufacturing process in compliance with the UNE-EN ISO 14006:eco-design and UNE-EN ISO 14064-1:2019 carbon footprint certification.. Sustainability, like eco-design, seeks to reduce the environmental impact of products and manufacturing processes throughout their life cycle. This includes from the extraction of raw materials to the manufacturing process, transportation, use and the end of life of the products.

Eco-design is based on the idea that it is possible to design products respecting sustainability, using less resources and generating fewer waste and polluting emissions. To achieve this, at Ofifran, we introduce the environmental variable in the design and manufacturing of our furniture.

Eco-design also focuses on maximizing energy efficiency and the use of sustainable materials and technologies. In addition, it seeks to promote the reuse and recycling of products at the end of their useful life.

Sustainability & eco-design - Ofifran

For this reason, the wood that we use at Ofifran to make our products, comes from sustainable forests, that is, forests that are managed in such a way that they maintain their biodiversity, their productivity, their regeneration capacity, their vitality and their ability to comply with all their ecological, economic and social functions now and in the future, and without all this implying damage to other forests, which allows nature to regenerate, helps to maintain biodiversity and reduces greenhouse gases, leads to water regulation and protects the soil.

Thus, in our environmental sustainability policy, we believe in five fundamental principles;

Sustainability by design - Ofifran

Sustainable design

Sustainability from the first sketch of our furniture. From the beginning of the creation of a new collection, at Ofifran, we collaborate with our designers so that this product adapts to sustainability standards in the manufacturing process, adapting design nuances that make it easier to meet the reduction objective waste and impact on environmental footprint.

Sustainable manufacturing process - Ofifran


Innovation as a principle of sustainability in which we continually seek new ways to manufacture our collections in a more sustainable way, using more efficient and less polluting technologies and processes. Improving our manufacturing lines with more efficient tools and machinery at an energy and productive level.

Efficiency - Ofifran

Energy Efficiency

Reducing the use of resources in the manufacturing process, reducing the use of natural resources such as water and energy in the manufacturing process of our furniture. We do this through the implementation of energy conservation and efficiency practices in manufacturing.

Recycling and sustainability - Ofifran

The recycling

The recycling of waste from the manufacturing process, promoting the creation of new materials and finished products, reducing the waste of raw materials. This helps reduce the demand on resources and prevent pollution.

Collaborative sustainability - Ofifran


Collaboration with our suppliers whom we identify as our collaborators, an extension of our company who must share our commitment to total quality that meet the requirements of our customers.

ISO sustainability 14001 - 14064

For all these reasons, at Ofifran we firmly believe in the deployment of this operational excellence, which allows us to comply with the commitments within our sustainability policy.

Offering ideas for improvements and new products is an opportunity we all share and a responsibility we must all accept. We seek to promote and reinforce the entrepreneurial spirit that allows us to achieve our quality objectives.

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