Habitat Fair 2018

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Ofifran has been present at the recent edition of the Habitat 2017 fair, held from 18 to 21 September. This event is the international showcase of the Spanish furniture sector.Artdeco & Ilius of Vicent Martinez Disseny and Priem & Ray of Dorigo Designare the innovations we have presented.

A look intro Art Déco from design that seeks a contemporary reinterpretation.

Based on the bond of the firm Ofifran with the tradition of woodworking, we have designed the collections ARTDECO & ILIUS to represent a status through refinement, thus creating a new luxury that allows the expression of the individuated self. Its cult of exquisiteness and quality is added to its adaptation to the requeriments of the contemporary management furnishing, which value elaborated details, chosen materials, textures, pleasant forms, seduction and sensuality.

PIEM collection is inspired by Dutch neoplasticism, as a tribute to its precursor Piet Mondrian, and the geometric concept.

Developed with a simple modularity and at the same time a contemporary style; contributing collaborative solutions in workspaces with creative and original combinations. Creating areas of privacy, concentration and communication.

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