HomeOffice by Ofifran

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Ofifran proposes authenticity in your space and work to find your productive balance and full attention.

Technology allows us to feel connected and cared for by other people, it is a fundamental human need in today’s home.

Remote working is becoming more and more prevalent thanks to technology, which allows us to be productive and develop our work activity with greater flexibility.

Your workspace today arises in different places, your client’s company, a train trip, airports, hotels … and it couldn’t be better that in your own home: HomeOffice.

Most important thing is to find a suitable and inspiring space and harmonize it, with good ventilation and natural light.

Having it clean and organized will help us to be productive in our work.

The flexible work model offers a mutual benefit to both the company and the worker since it allows us to reduce the density in the offices and at the same time makes it possible to be more efficient by saving the unproductive time caused by, for example, commuting to our office.

The ergonomics and the design of the furniture together with the interior design are main concern for Ofifran when developing products to satisfy all our clients.

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