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Nuova Sesac, a business holding company of Valencian origin, dedicated to the integral management of bio-waste and circular economy, together with GA Alimentaria, its two vegetable oil and margarine companies, Gracomsa and Doccas Food, renew their corporate offices.

A business group that, for three generations, has been dedicated to the productive and industrial economy with a firm target , invest on social, economic and environmental sustainability.


Nuova Sesac group






Sep 2020



Belesa Freeport Square Gallery

For the renovation of the new corporate headquarters , Ofifran has collaborated with our Partner Oficines Mobiliari y Mampares in its project, both for interior design and partition distribution. Specifying  and equipping  the new Council Room, Management Office and Reception with the Ofifran collections.

Open spaces that enhance collaboration and a new way of working that adapts to current needs.

At the reception,  Belesa Tailor Made model has been chosen. Its design provides a timeless touch.

General Manager office opted for the Freeport, Square and Gallery collections.

In the Boardroom a Freeport table with Ofifran’s Tailor made bookcase creates a contemporary look.

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Con 60 años de presencia en el mercado, Industrias Afrasa fue fundada en 1955, por lo que puede ser considerada, como una de las empresas españolas fabricantes de fitosanitarios con más experiencia en el sector y con una prometedora proyección de futuro.