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From Ofifran we present our new office furniture configurator, a selector with which we want users to be able to customize dynamically the different collections. It is possible to customize for each series, the different wood finishes, lacquers, fabrics and leathers. As well as the bases of the seating or the combined textures in series such as Channel or Tola.

We also have in most of the collections, the possibility of customizing different environments, in order to cover the main products of each of them to suit the needs of each client. This functionality allows the office furniture to be adapted to different styles of decoration, from a modern and minimalist environment to a more traditional and classic style.

This office furniture finish configurator allows among other things: selection of finishes, switching between different office environments, comparing between two material options, as well as downloading and requesting prices of the configured furniture.

Office furniture configurator - Finishes

Finishing configuration

With our wide variety of finish options, you can customize each office furniture collection to your liking. A wide variety of wood, lacquered, fabric and leather finishes are available. The possibility of choosing between different bases and textures combined in series such as Gallery or Freeport. This will allow you to configure the furniture to your personal style.

Office furniture configurator - Environments

Environment selector

Our collections offer great flexibility to adapt to the needs of each customer. With the ability to customize the different environments of our collections through our office furniture configurator, we can cover a wide variety of spaces and meet all your needs. This will allow you to find the perfect option for your office.

Office Furniture Configurator - Comparator

Finish Comparator

Another of the new features that we have added to the old office furniture configurators is the option of being able to compare two different finishes on the same environment in a totally dynamic way. This will allow you to choose between the two samples you like best.

Office Furniture Configurator - Downloads and Pricing

Download and prices of furniture

Finally, one of the options that you will have within the furniture configurator, will be the option to download a PDF with the furniture selections or request access to the price list and 3D downloadable as for example in the Piem & Advance series.

In short, with our new office furniture configurator, we offer great flexibility for you to customize our furniture collections as well as seating. You will be able to adapt them to your needs and preferences, allowing you to configure the best option for your workplace.

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