Our beginnings in the 80s, near the Mediterranean Sea , in Valencia, “Barrio del Cabanyal” was where Juan Franco Ruiz began his career in the office furniture sector.

30 years

In 1990 he founded Ofifran where the second generation is being incorporated until today. His vision and passion are the philosophy by which we have been guided these years.

Welcome to your workplace.

The development and constant improvement in our collections has boosted us to understand and see in a particular way the office furniture, giving great importance to both the general concept and the diversity of the design and to each of the details in particular. Every collection has its own special and unique design which helps its owner to express its individuality and originality.


Custom made projects (year)




References manufactured

Our values

Our customer is our business and the reason of our existence. We are committed to provide innovative products and services that excite our customers and exceed their expectations of quality, features and enduring value.

But not only that, at Ofifran we strongly believe in the power and importance of human connections. For that reason we are all about being positive, passionate and entrepreneurial; supporting the needs of companies and individuals within our network, achieving our mutual goal.

This commercial policy is helping us to build up long term commercial relations with customers, turning just clients into partners.

Our Vision

Our vision is to set up, sustain and operate within a culture of trust and confidence. We want our customers, our suppliers and our employees to merge efforts and work together. By developing this confidence, we can intensify the contribution of all the people we work and deal with. We won’t just improve our business that way, but our lives too.

Our People

As a family company we believe in mutual trust, personal integrity, respect for dignity of the individual and spirit of cooperation. At Ofifran, everyone plays a role in our success. We work closely with our employees, our clients and our suppliers. Our people, the passion in what they do and their dedication, hard work and ideas have boosted our successful growth over the years and continuous evolution towards excellence, improving every day.

Our Mission

The deployment of this operational excellence allows us to fulfill the commitments within our Quality Policy. Offering ideas about improvements and new products is an opportunity that we all share and a responsibility that we all must accept. We seek to promote and strengthen the entrepreneurial spirit that allows us to achieve our quality objectives.

Our Facilities



Within the Ofifran Group, Operational Excellence means increasing our customers’ satisfaction, our market position and financial results by ensuring continual quality and cost improvement in our processes, products and services.

Deployment of Operational Excellence enables us to meet the commitments within our Quality Policy. Offering ideas for improvements and new products is an opportunity we all share, a responsibility we must all accept. We seek to promote and reinforce an entrepreneurial spirit allowing us to achieve our quality objectives.

Also, every supplier we have is our partner, an extension of our company. They must share our commitment to total quality that matches our customers´ requirements.


Quality and environment

Focusing our efforts on the improvement of quality and environmental respect, we have the ISO 9001, 14001 y 14006:Ecodesign certifications.


Ecodesign introduces the environmental variable in the design and manufacture of our products. With this we help minimize and avoid as much as possible the impact of our furniture on the environment throughout its life cycle.

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