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by i+d Ofifran

Within the Ofifran Group, Operational Excellence means increasing our customers satisfaction, our market position and financial results by ensuring continual quality and cost improvement in our processes, products and services.

Deployment of Operational Excellence enables us to meet the commitments within our Quality Policy. Offering ideas for improvements and new products is an opportunity we all share, a responsibility we must all accept. We seek to promote and reinforce an entrepreneurial spirit allowing us to achieve our quality objectives.

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Specific solutions

Appropriate for multiple applications and work environments, Nexo provides a perfect finish with its melamine boards combined with a metallic frame and electrified beams. Specific solutions can be created adapting to different customer needs.


Acabados de madera

Chapa natural de cerezo y fresnolivato con marquetería de Boj tintado

A very broad program with a simple, but at the same time robust structure.

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