geometric concept


PIEM collection is inspired by Dutch neoplasticism, as a tribute to
its precursor Piet Mondrian, and the geometric concept.


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Finishes of the collection, dimmensions and available materials

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Developed with a simple modularity and at the same time a contemporary style; contributing collaborative solutions in workspaces with creative and original combinations.

Design, function and emotion

Specific solutions can be created adapting to the different needs of the client.

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Creating areas of privacy, concentration and communication.



The fundamental concept of the PIEM sofa is to offer a space for meeting and privacy. Creating an intimate space in which to take refuge with the high lateral panels that protect visually and acoustically all the users.

HomeOffice by Ofifran


by Dorigodesign

Founded by Fiorenzo Dorigo in 1992, DorigoDesign is a furniture, product and interior design studio.

Fiorenzo was born in Treviso, Italy, in 1953, and started working on design and image for the furniture industry in 1975, whilst studying art and design.
He is a member of ADI (Industrial Design Association) and has been a freelance designer since 1987.

From his studio in Conegliano, Italy, Fiorenzo works together with senior designer Luca Garbet and the team. Architectural designer Massimo Dorigo is the London based studio representative.

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