Privatization / protection panels

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Ofifran, continuing with the continuous improvement in our products and always according to the needs of the market, we have updated our privatization panels.

In today’s office, it is essential to have work environments that promote privacy and help us maintain the order of our space.

The new privatization / protection panel guarantees the separation between users without losing visual contact and the interaction between the two thanks to the 350mm insert in 5mm transparent polycarbonate.

We have developed the Nexo1630 partition for division into an operational bench or with an extension and the Nexo1200 partition for call centers and meeting areas. Both with the 5mm transparent poly carbonate insert to protect and divide spaces.

Through this solution we comply with the criteria of occupational safety, a key aspect for the well-being of the worker.

Stable and adaptable to our lines in the OFFICE catalog or on any line that your customers have with a panel regulation range for the table top between 5mm and 40mm. Easy to assemble and clean.

The product is available with the usual service, these models do not replace our standard products of any other collection in our technical catalogue.

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