Project | Televisa Santa Fe

Televisa Santa Fe was designed by the Architect Ricardo Legorreta. It is a building with large spaces that is constituted as a sample of modern Mexican architecture where Televisa corporate offices are located.


Grupo Televisa






Dic 2019



Piem Easy Nexo

Televisa has counted on Ofifran and its partner m3-arquitectos who prescribed and furnished the Nexo, Piem and Easy lines for these facilities due to their design and functionality.

It is a collaborative space with 1,100 special bench-type workstations with meeting rooms and office areas providing full office solutions and equipment.
 With this change, Televisa invests in its workers, they are committed to well-being, comfort and enhancing their creativity.
The building is full of functional and efficient spaces, where Televisa’s philosophy coexists with the demands of increasingly digital work environments.

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Con 60 años de presencia en el mercado, Industrias Afrasa fue fundada en 1955, por lo que puede ser considerada, como una de las empresas españolas fabricantes de fitosanitarios con más experiencia en el sector y con una prometedora proyección de futuro.