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In January 2016, Ofifran was the company responsible to furnish the Executive furniture in Tervalis headquarters , a company based in Teruel, a leader in the field of fertilizers and manures. Sometime ago, Ofifran also supplied the headquarters of Fertusa, a Tervalis subsidiary.


Tervalis Group






January 2016



Prima Sinfonia

Of Course



This project was made in collaboration with our Authorized dealer Tecnidiseño Plus Sl, a experienced company in the field of Office furniture. They have been in charge of executing the project by choosing all the Directional furniture to implement the job in Tervalis headquarters , a landmark building in the city of Teruel. Chosen collections were Prima Sinfonia white lacquered and glass finish to achieve a elegant and distinguishing combination.

The selected seating was Of Course model from our partner Sitland for the executive offices , combined with Body model for Managerial offices and finally Guest model for the stylish meeting tables. All the upholstery options were in leather creating a perfect and warm combination with the rest of the environment.

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